CMT Fabrication Inc.
CMT Fabrication Inc.

     These are the countertop samples for the Lethbridge Home and Garden Show. The display allows us to showcase the options for metal tops.

     We have a sanded stainless steel countertop. The sanding of the top gives it a much warmer appearance, along with making it a lot more user friendly as small scratches are not noticed.

     On the cherry cabinet we have a distressed copper countertop. This is just one of many ways a patina can be applied to the copper. The distressed look affords the homeowner some piece of mind in that the occasional dent and ding that is sure to happen will just add more character to the top.

      The gun blued steel countertop has become very popular. It is a finish that is unlike any other. The finish and look goes very well with with rustic look of reclaimed wood cabinets.

      The hammered copper countertop is also a look that goes very well with the reclaimed wood cabinets. Copper countertops can be finished in many different ways to match the overall look of the kitchen. This is just one example.

       The Lethbridge Show has given us the opportunity to display several choices of metal countertops, and will look very well in our showroom afterwards.